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HZ Auto Parts

Our client requested for a simple landing page for a car battery delivery service. We have develop a custom landing page according to their requirements and preferences.

Website Goal

1) Fast loading and friendly to user

2) Improve call rate

3) Focus on brands, shop location, and targeted locations

Website Strategy

(+) We create call-to-action in 5 sections and we added large minimal buttons to engage with visitors

(+) We increase website load performance by 4.6 seconds on mobile and 3.3 seconds on web

(+) We list their targeted locations to increase call rates from customers who are in the locations

(+) We include batteries brands to increase trust and credibility

(+) We include real testimonial to increase social proof and strenghten customers trusts

(+) We use professional multi-colors to light up the landing page interactively

(+) We include “Tap to Waze” badge for potential customers easily Waze store location


An outstanding result and well performing interface, they have been receiving potential calls and able to close more customers compares than previously.

We took around around 4 days to complete the website from the front-end coming with back-end, the result is stunning, fast, and mobile friendly.

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