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Our client requested a simple and high-converting landing page to generate calls for their auto gate service

Website Goal

1) Focus on service, supply parts, location available, and call-to-action (phone number + WhatsApp)

2) Make super fast loading website for Google search and website optimization

3) A website with information to strengthen customers to set an appointment and stand-out from competitors

Website Strategy

(+) We develop a simple landing page, this one is less design but high at converting

(+) We add company logo with phone number and we add the company Unique Selling Proposition (USP) copywriting 

(+) We clear all unwanted Javascript (JS), HTML, and CSS and the result lead the website to load at 2.5-3 seconds

(+) We optimize the website and develop to fully responsive for mobile-friendly 

(+) We optimize client’s images and make it fast to display

(+) We focus on a large moving green arrow, blinking phone number, and large WhatsApp button to attract calls and WhatsApp

(+) We add supply parts images

(+) We highly focus on the converting copywriting, make it easy to read for local the market

(+) We submit website to Google for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) result and Google indexing

(+) We add (2) short video into the landing page


The outcome of our work has made our client to receive a positive result on calls and appointments.

Our client is satisfied with our result.

This is our previous project and has been 3 years since we develop the landing page. 

We are as well maintaining the website from the updates, additional images, and domain hosting renewal.

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